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Kick Start

Kick Start 4 Kidz

The time between the ages of 4 and 6 are arguably the most vital years of a child's development.

Our 'Kick Start' programme enhances this period of development in a positive, fun and encouraging way, promoting your child's social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.

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Members of SSK

We are members of SSK which has clubs all over the North of England and WUKF.

SSK aim to provide responsible karate tuition by top professional instructors in a safe and friendly environment. Karate is a fascinating martial art encompassing Tradition, Sport, Fitness and Self-defence in one exciting training programme.

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Shukokai Karate

Karate is a striking martial art which originated in Japan. Karate literally means the way of the empty hand.

The style of karate we do is called Shukokai, which means way for all.

Self Defence

Learn various self defence techniques from thumb and wrist locks to escaping head locks. This includes traditional ippons, bunkai and goshin waza.



We perform various warm up routines that involve stretching, press ups, sit ups, sparring and many other varieties of exercises to keep you challenged and fit.

Don't worry, people differ in their fitness levels so we'll encourage you to exercise at your own rate.

Pay as you go

No yearly club fees. You turn up and pay the lesson fee. Enquire about discounts when multiple members of the same family attend.

Free 1st Lesson

Try for free

We know the first time can be daunting and you'll want to see what we're all about. Come down, meet some friendly people and join in. The first lesson is free and you'll love it.

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Exclusive Dojo

Our Dojo has a wood floor and a padded area to practice sparring and competition fighting. One side is mirrored allowing our members to perfect their stances and kata. On the opposite side we have various punch bags allowing you to practice your punching and kicking techniques without the worry of winding a partner.



Our members are social animals and we enjoy taking part in other none karate related events.

Some of us enjoy a curry :)